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QMobile Noir i3 - For Lovers of Simplicity!

QMobile throws out Noir i3 for a change, because change is inevitable and adaptation of simplicity is the need of the moment, as the world is getting a hectic place advancing in to the darkness of technology. QMobile Noir i3 has an IPS screen that'll put sheer brightness on your face by providing a good level of detail. Containing a screen size of 4.5 inches with latest of display technology that makes QMobile Noir i3's royal highness a high-quality and sharp image projecting machine.The ability to transfer 16 million colors makes the image incredibly vivid and juicy. Since the screen of QMobile Noir X takes up the most of the device, the image seems to get alive right before your eyes. It's rare if consumer phone surprises us with an unusual design, very difficult. QMobile is styled with a simple design that everyone is going to love and appreciate. Almost all of the competitors now a days tend to be simple, without too much elaborating on the design. Smartphone QMobile i3 is made in a very heart catching Noired design, flowing shapes fascinate with their beauty and elegance and on top of it, the extreme light weight with small dimensions make it a very compact and easy to use handset. QMobile Noir Dream has Dual-core processor MT6580, which is quite reliable no matter what you want to do: check mail, read news, play, or just watch latest streaming movies - the performance of Noir's i3 will not disappoint you. 2 megapixel QMobiled rear camera takes excellent photos with good color reproduction, and with the presence of the front VGA camera, selfie lovers will be as happy as they can get. QMobiles Noir i3 is a perfect gift for any loved one an any personal occasion so that you could get remembered forever.

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